DIY Rope Beehive

Good morning sweet readers! If your following on Instagram and Facebook you’ve probably seen a few posts about these little rope beehives. I spotted them first in the newest Magnolia catalog and again on their IG – after finding out they wouldn’t be for sale, I had to figure out how to make my own. They were super simple and inexpensive – I wanted to share a quick tutorial here. 

You’ll need: rope (linking what I used here) hot glue gun and glue, and a couple bowls (optional) for the base and sizing.

I bought the only two colors I could find at my local Home Depot, although I think any texture and shade would be gorgeous. Each roll has 50 feet – they are $8.81. I was able to make five beehives in different sizes with both rolls. It definitely used a lot more rope than I was planning on. This made them about $4 each.

I used two older plastic bowls in different sizes. This gave me a base to start the rope around the bottom. 

Start by wrapping the rope around the bottom of the bowl and as you start with the second row hot glue the piece on top of the 1st row so it lays flat. It’s  hard to see the glue dots in this photo – but I made little dots about 2 inches apart all the way around. Some of the glue did push out of the edges, I used a toothpick while it’s still hot to dab it away.

Continue wrapping up the bowl and gluing every couple of inches. I cut the rope about five rows up and started wrapping again about 1.5 inches apart to make the opening.

Once you get to the top where you want to start shaping your hive, remove the bowl from the bottom and start wrapping a bit tighter. You’ll want to start gluing more towards the inside of the hive to wrap the rope inwards. I laid my hive on it’s side to get the glue on the inner part without too much dripping. Just work your way up until it’s at your desired height. I left a small opening at the top of mine – and cut the rope about 3 inches longer than needed, then just looped it in the top and used some glue inside the hive to hold the loop in.

TADAH! Some of the sweetest little rope beehives you’ve ever seen. I tried a couple different sizes with the two colors of rope. They turned out so fun – I’m keeping two of these for myself and a little spring on my entry table. I would LOVE to hear and see if you try this – let me know below how it goes. I made the five hives in about an hour and a half, the gluing is a little tedious – but once you get the hang of it – super simple. 

Happy hive making!

San Francisco is always a good idea.

The city on the bay. ❤ This place means so much to me – for so many different reasons. It’s only fitting that it’s the first travel guide I’m posting on the blog. If you haven’t visited this gorgeous city – it’s a must see to add to your travel list. I’m sharing here a weekend guide for a quick getaway, although there is so much to see and do – you could easily spend longer.


My first stop upon arriving is usually the Golden Gate Bridge. I love driving, walking or biking across and checking out the views from Vista Point. I’d say plan on spending about a half an hour here – taking some great photos, seeing the city from across the bay, watching sail boats and reading the informational plaques along the rock wall. There’s a large parking area and restrooms at the look out also – makes for a great stop after your flight and before checking into your hotel too! This is also a great stop if your headed into Sausalito from the city as well. As your headed back into the city – Baker Beach and Marshall Beach are close and great photo locations too. Grab a quick bite to go and stop at Crissy Field for some great views of the Golden Gate, sailboat and kite watching. Also in this area are the Palace of Fine Arts and the Presido Officers Club – I’d definitely recommend checking out both if you’ve got a couple of hours to enjoy them. Next make your way towards Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is a great spot to relax, enjoy the views and that crisp ocean breeze. It does get chilly – don’t forget to bring a jacket. Grab a late lunch or early dinner at the iconic Cliff House – I love the Fish N Chips. Ask for a seat by the window to sit right over the ocean and if your lucky even spot a whale or two.

Lands End Lookout and Labyrinth are also close by, as well as the Sutro Baths and Legion of Honor Museum. If you wander a little farther inland from Ocean Beach grab a quick coffee and pastry at Java Beach Cafe, wander through the pretty neighborhoods and spend the rest of your afternoon at the Golden Gate Park which houses some of the most beautiful gardens and is home to the San Francisco Botanical Garden. This is definitely one of my top favorite places to wander with a coffee and enjoy all of it’s gorgeousness.


Start your morning at Toast Eatery – there’s a few in the city, we usually stop in the one on Polk Street. Great coffee and breakfast. Anyone is sure to find something they like here with a good variety of pancakes, french toast, omelets and breakfast sandwiches. From Toast it’s about a 15 minute walk to Lombard Street. It’s famous for it’s eight hair pin turns down one block and a touristy must see in the city. I like taking a coffee to go and wandering up or down the block looking at the pretty houses and landscaping.

From here wander down to the Painted Ladies or Haight and Ashbury – stopping in the Hayes Valley area to wander the gorgeous shops on Hayes Street. Depending on how much you like or want to walk – I’d recommend grabbing a cab or an Uber and heading to China Town from here.

China Town is such a fun way to experience different culture in San Francisco. With plenty of shops, restaurants and people watching – it’s just fun. You can spend as little or as much time as you want here. There is so much to see! Ending your second day in San Francisco includes a few stops that make me LOVE this city so much. Wander from China Town to Nob Hill – it’s about a fifteen minute walk. Visit Grace Cathedral – this is in my top five favorite places in the city. Grace was opened in 1934 and features the most beautiful Gothic revival architecture. This past December while spending the weekend we were fortunate enough to visit during the time the World Tree of Hope was lit inside the building. It’s a Christmas tree covered in thousands of inscribed origami cranes with wishes for our worlds future from all over the world. Some of these messages had me in tears – it was such an amazing thing to see.

From here – the ultimate MUST eat for myself in San Francisco is Columbini Italian Bistro. It’s just off of Nob Hill – an easy walk from the cathedral and has the most amazing, authentic Italian food. It’s very small – so I’d recommend making a reservation. Enjoy the bread, the wine and pasta. Plan on the true Italian experience – a slow, relaxing dinner. I take every single person I visit this gorgeous city with to Columbini. It’s a must eat. We usually make our way back to our hotel wandering through Union Square. It’s especially magic around Christmas-time when the tree is lit and there’s ice skating. But it’s a great stop year round for all types of shopping.


It goes without saying that one of our favorite reasons to visit SF is because we are huge 49er’s and Giants fans. If your into this type of thing – grab tickets for a game. Levi’s Stadium is a short drive from the city and AT&T Park is an easy taxi ride from just about anyplace and sits right on the bay. Usually we spend half a day or more attending one of these events.

Another option for a half day activity is visiting Alcatraz. My favorite part aside from the history is wandering the gorgeous grounds and enjoying the views from all sides of the island. Alcratraz sells out quickly! I’d recommend booking your tickets in advance, you can purchase them here.

Ending your day – before wandering home, take a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf. With plenty of shopping and dining choices – it’s the ultimate tourist spot. I love watching the sea lions from Pier 39. From here my final stop is Ghiradelli Square – because who doesn’t need a hot fudge sundae in their life?

A few other places, eats and hotels worth mentioning:

Japanese Tea Gardens, Little Italy neighborhood, SF MOMA and 16th Ave Tiled Steps.  

Delicious eats – House of Prime, Great Eastern Chinese Restaurant, Scoma’s, Fog Harbor Fish House , Boudins for their famous sourdough and clam chowder, and a good family friend option, Bubba Gump’s.

Hotels – my favorite place to stay in the city, especially if you want to splurge a little is the Fairmont. It’s a great location right across the street from the Grace Cathedral on top of Nob Hill with ALL the luxuries you can imagine. A couple more budget friendly – but still nice (I have hotel standards, I promise these are clean!) are the Marriott Marquis and the Parc 55 Hilton.

I hope this gives you some great suggestions and ideas when visiting my favorite city. Anytime I’m doing trip research I love checking out Trip Advisor for reviews – but to be honest we find most of our favorite things to see and do are when we end up stumbling upon it. I’d absolutely love if my readers would share any extra favorites in the city for us all.

Here’s to happy and safe wandering. Xoxo.

Self-Love isn’t Self-ish.

I’m going deep today. And talking about self love and what it means to me – and how important I think it is for all of us to practice. This isn’t a light topic for most – and I think it’s something we’re all working towards. At different times in our lives we might be extra great at truly being comfortable with where we are and in other times we’re grasping. Myself, I think as most women do spent my late teen’s and early twenties grasping. I absolutely loved certain parts of my life. I loved the people surrounding me. I loved the direction I thought things were moving. But I can honestly say I didn’t love me. I spent too much time being focused on perfection (what IS perfection anyways?) and trying to make everyone like me. I felt like I needed to be friends with everyone – and I didn’t love myself enough to kick the people out of my life that were taking advantage of that. I hate to admit it – but I did and said things that weren’t true to myself – just to go with the flow of others. To keep them happy. I didn’t set boundaries. The lack of self love and self care (PS: self care IS self love, and vice versa), but the lack of affected every single aspect of my life. My marriage. My friendships and relationships with family members. My job. I found myself often comparing myself to others or maybe envious of the shiny new car, big new house, THINGS, or vacations. I did things to keep up, again – things that weren’t true to myself. And forgetting how absolutely fortunate I am. I brushed so much under the rug.

Now let’s talk about the shift. Entering my late twenties – I’d finally had enough. I felt like garbage. I wasn’t taking care of my body or my relationships how I wanted to be. Life how I wanted to be. I was so tired of feeling like I had to keep up. Other than this – I can’t identify where or when the actual shift happened. But I started with me. For what felt like the first time in my life I was thinking most often of myself. Selfish? No. I started spending less time with people who weren’t kind. Who didn’t have my best interest at heart. I stopped responding to phone calls and text messages when I needed a little quiet time. I set boundaries. I made my own little list of rules. Was this easy? Nope. Many tears were shed during this “elimination” part of my life. It’s hard to let go of what your life is in order to create something new. But I promise it’s worth it. I started seeing things change all around me, the people, time spent, my priorities – and so I started working on the physical stuff. I joined a gym, cleaned up my diet *still love sugar friends!, and really started paying attention to what I was putting inside my body. The part about this that I love the most is how the physical stuff is actually the mental stuff. Everything is so connected. And I found my workouts were really more for my head. And that eating real whole foods helped with my anxiety. I made a practice of meditating and journal writing daily. It’s been just over two years now that I started these habits – I’m happy to say I’m still sticking with them. I’m still loving myself. I have days, weeks even that I don’t feel motivated – or that I’m hard on myself or don’t have the most positive self talk. But that general feeling of love, even on the hard days – it’s still there.

About halfway through this – a couple of weeks after my thirtieth birthday I went through something that sent me in a downward spiral. I created this space for connection and openness – and this particular incident is something I’d like to share with you all at some point, but today it’s just for this. This circumstance brought anxiety and its little friend depression. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under neath me and I just couldn’t get back up. My sense of self worth and security were gone – for weeks, even months. Had I not already started taking care of myself – I’m not sure I’d have made it through this. Timing is everything – and I think the outcome would’ve been a different one a few years before. Because now I’m only surrounded by people who I know have my best interest at heart. Remember a few years ago, when that wasn’t the case? They, along with my therapist, family practice doctor, meditation upon meditation and endless amounts of self care, logging hours at the gym and love pulled me back. It’s been a long journey – but a good one. I wouldn’t change it – because it’s changed me.

Is self love and care – even for those who are the very best at the practice permanent, or always going to be easy? Absolutely not. Are each and every one of us going to go through hard things? Yes. Will we have hard days, weeks and even years that we aren’t doing our best taking care of ourselves? We will. But I do believe from experience – if we can do our best, starting small, we can really build a foundation of love. And a habit of self care. I wholeheartedly believe that loving our selves is the most important factor in loving others. In creating a happy and balanced life. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. And its going to look different for every single person. Look inside yourself. See how valuable you are. I promise you mean the world to somebody – and I know they wish you’d see your self worth. I promise if your willing to put in the hard work you’ll start seeing changes in every single part of your life. Ending here – I wanted to share a little list of my favorite ways to show myself a little bit of LOVE.

Happy Sunday. Xox.