I recently came back from a lovely holiday across the pond visiting London for the second time and Amsterdam for the first. Both are such amazing cities – and must see places to add to your bucket list. My first trip to London was during the fall months – and this last during the spring, and while they are both such gorgeous times to visit, I think the spring time trip really won my heart with all the gorgeous blooms around the city. Today I’m sharing my top FIVE favorite spots – and while some are yes, touristy – and others not so much, they can’t be missed.

FIRST – Neal’s Yard. It’s easy to miss – this pretty little courtyard full of tables, benches and planters. It’s surrounded by a few pretty little shops and cafes and the perfect place to grab a coffee, lunch and pastry and relax for a few minutes. Stop in St. John’s Bakery – my favorite is the apple toffee doughnut – you’ll fall in love, I promise.

SECONDLina Stores Italian Restaurant. Friends – my family is from Italy. Pasta, bread and olive oil run in my blood. And since I’ve been fortunate to have real Italian food in Italy – I’m super picky when it comes to my pasta. This is the real deal. And one of the prettiest little spots to dine. My heart is actually STILL breaking that this place isn’t right here in Utah. Please, please go!

And just to further my pleading – before and after’s of our delicious dinner. Order the Gnudi con Burro e Salvia, it’s ricotta & herb Gnudi, with sage & brown butter. It’s heaven. And don’t skip the cannolo for dessert.

THIRD – Churchill Arms Pub. If you’ve done any sort of image browsing on hot spots in London, this has certainly popped up in your feed. And rightfully so. It’s a gorgeous little corner pub covered in real floral fauna – and filled to the brim with vintage decor inside. I’ve visited Churchill on both of my trips to London – it’s a great stop for a drink or just to snap a few photos of the gorgeous building. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and almost a dream.

FOURTH – Notting Hill. Especially on a Saturday morning for market. Yes, it’s crazy and packed with people – but it’s such an awesome experience, you have to go at least once. There’s several great cafes and shops to grab lunch – and so many gorgeous houses to wander through. My favorite little shop is Alice’s – it’s red and on a corner, you can’t miss it. It’s full – I mean every single corner packed with antiques. Also – for my fellow GP fans, GOOP is a short walk away and sits on the prettiest little street.

FIFTH – Columbia Flower Market. Only on Sunday’s – and probably my favorite thing in the city. It’s an absolutely gorgeous market full of live plants and flowers by the bushel. I could seriously spend all day here wandering. It’s only open from 8AM to 4PM – and I’d suggest getting there early – it does it very crowded with locals and tourists alike.

I know, I know – I said only five, but I needed to share one more little spot that you need to stop in. When you need a little treat – it’s called Doughnut Time – there are several locations across the city. I personally stopped at the Shoreditch location – but they all offer the same menu. PLEASE don’t leave the city without trying one of their doughnuts – they are divine. And unique. And you won’t find anything like them. I tried the “Houston, we have Biscoff” – and probably could have eaten at least seven more.

Here’s to safe and happy travels. XOXO.


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