Every year we host our annual Friendsgiving Dinner – it’s one of my very favorite traditions & I look forward to it each year. We gather our friends and family in our little house for a full Thanksgiving dinner, pie & dancing, always dancing – to follow. November is fast approaching and I wanted to share a how-to on planning and hosting – hopefully inspiring you to do the same. So if your a first timer to Friendsgiving, just needing some fresh ideas for your own annual get together – or even Thanksgiving hosting tips – I’m so happy your here!

Step One: Choose a date. I prefer a weekend day, either Saturday or Sunday when the majority of our friends are off work and don’t need to worry about preparing anything after work. Create a guest list – Once I’ve chosen the day and time, & amount of guests – I order invitations. I’m so not against an easy text message, email or Facebook event – but I LOVE snail mail. Sending & receiving it. This year I chose these invites from Minted.

Step Two: Mail invites (if you choose) or text, email etc – I like to have these out about two – three weeks before the event. That gives everyone plenty of time to make arrangements – remember to include an RSVP date, normally one week prior to your event for table settings & food assignments.

Step Three: Menu planning. I think this is where it can start feeling a little overwhelming – but it totally doesn’t have to. Since we host at our home we always take care of the turkey and assign out other menu items to our friends attending. Once we’ve heard back from them on attending – we’ll usually decide together what they’ll bring. This gets easier each year as our friends are some of the best cooks, ever – & usually stick to bringing the same dish each time. I’m attaching an example menu here.

TIP: I made this one for free on the Canva app & had them printed at Costco.

I’m going to print out the menus and set them with each place setting for a little bit extra prettiness.

A good rule of thumb for your turkey – 1LB of meat per guest to be safe. We usually host about 20 guests and 4 pies seems to be plenty for reference.

Step Four: Table settings – I like to mix and match the dishes I already own, using a small & large plate, water glass (I use blue mason jars) & wine glass for each. Paper or plastic are just fine if you want to keep it simple – I love this option from Amazon. Usually for the center of my table I’ll throw out a few candlesticks – again, mixing and matching with some fresh silver dollar eucalyptus (order before hand from your local florist, it’s about $13 a bundle!) and mini pumpkins and gourds. This comes together so easily – but looks gorgeous! I’ll show you last years table here ..

I use fabric napkins – it just feeeeels nicer, & I’m all about the feel. Last year I tied some fresh rosemary sprigs with twine to set on top. I love these and this option too.

Step Five: The day of! Remember to give your turkey plenty of time to roast and then rest before carving. I’ll usually throw it in and then set my tables, aside from the fresh greenery that I’ll add about an hour before. About 10 minutes prior to dinner I’ll fill all my glasses with ice and water – our bar is usually self serve. Start some music, I love playing vintage records on my Crosley record player, light the candles & wait for your guests to arrive!

A few of my favorite sources for the table of your dreams:

25 Fall Decor Items under $30


1: Rust Throw Blanket $21.50

Nordstrom Rack:

2: Grey Waffle Shear ling Throw $29.97

3: Plaid Fringed Throw $19.97

4: Burgundy Velvet Pillow $29.97

5: Ugg Luna Pillow $29.97

6: Square Zig Zag Pillow $19.97

7: Pumpkin Patch Wall Art $29.97


8: White Ceramic Pumpkin $4.99

9: Water Hyacinth Natural Pumpkin $7.99

10: Knit White Pumpkin $10

11: Orange Houndstooth Pumpkin $7.00

12: Blush Metal Pumpkin $9.99

13: Yellow Metal Pumpkin $9.99

14: Orange Metal Pumpkin $9.99

15: Knit Burgundy Pumpkin $10

16: Gold Wheat Wreath $24.99

17: Yellow Sedum Floral Arrangement in Wooden Pot $12.99

18: Purple Sedum Floral Arrangement in Wooden Pot $12.99

19: Brass Hurricane Vase $12.99-$24.99

20: Orange Woven Throw Blanket $21.24

21: Cream Chunky Knit Throw $23.99

22: Navy Plaid Throw $22.49

23: Tan Textured Tassel Throw Pillow $19.99

24: Cream Tufted Oversized Throw Pillow $26.99

25: Yellow Half Circle Pillow $17.99

The Best of September

I want to start something new here at my Red Front Door. At the end of each month I’ll be posting a “best of” series – rounding up and sourcing my favorite posts on IG, questions I’ve been asked over the month, projects I’m working on, favorite products – just a big old wrap up of everything going on. I’m really excited about this – & having a place to keep all the bests in one place. Without further ado, the BEST of September.

The best products I found on Amazon this month – & oh man, are they good!


1: Mellani bed sheets – you guys, I was so skeptical about these, they are UNDER $30 for a king set and it just doesn’t seem right. We’re sleeping so dang good – they are extra soft and wash great.

2: I’ve raved about these leggings over on IG – they are seriously my favorite right now. They feel like butter. Don’t slide down during a workout and come in the best prints – and great prices. I promise you will NOT regret these.

3: This sherpa blanket. Just warm & cozy – without being too heavy. These feel alot more expensive than they are and wash great. I love the textured look too!

A few favorite snapshots from my own home this month. Have I mentioned how much I love fall – and how much I love September? I love that warm filtered light through my windows.

Who else follows Chris Loves Julia? I’m absolutely in LOVE with their style – & really anything they do. I took a tip from Julia’s simple fall decor ideas and cut some stems from my forsythia bush outside for this vase. Isn’t that a gorgeous way to add some FREE fall decor?
One of my own simple fall decor ideas – fresh produce. Grab some apples or mini pumpkins – toss them in a wicker basket. Those colors!
Fall Entry
Basket, Madera Modern letter board, Home Body book

A few other things around our home – we’re ALMOST done with our master bedroom refresh. If you follow over on IG you’ve seen the progress. I’m planning on getting a post together of sources and a step by step on painting our wood floors & installing a faux beam – coming soon! With just a few months left this year we’ll wrap this up and give our master bath a little inexpensive update also – think rugs, decor, hardware etc .. I don’t love having too many house projects going on during the holidays- I try and wrap everything up before then so we can really just enjoy our home, friends & family and the busyness they often bring. For now – I’ll link up a few items we’ve purchased for our bedroom below.

Sherpa blanket, camel velvet throw pillow, rug, bench

Just a little disclaimer and piece of advice on the above items ^ ^ – other than the Woven Nook pillow covers (that are already wonderfully priced!) – I purchased all of these items on sale – be patient, wait for those deals!

We traveled to NYC the first week of September for the US Open – we had such a lovely weekend! Who else is a SATC fan? Where am I?

NYC travel guide coming soon!

And last but not least. In all my browsing – my FAVORITE IG photo in September. This gorgeous kitchen & entry view from Renovate 108. If you aren’t following them on IG – you need to be. Their currently renovating their 1500 square foot tract home in the LA area – and it’s just goals.

I hope your September was extra lovely readers. Now – who’s putting up Halloween? Xoxo.